Friday, May 22, 2009

It's been a long hiatus...

I know that this post is really long overdue. I have really missed blogging, but just have not been able to commit to it for many reasons. A lot has happened since the start of the year.

First, I was sick again and it went on for a few months. Eventually, I wound up needing surgery and am still somewhat recovering from that. In the sense that I'm not in pain, but still don't really feel like myself.

On top of all of this, my dear sweet amayee (mother's mother) passed away from this earth 1 month ago. I don't know whether to call it bad luck, lousy timing or what that didn't allow me to spend time with her the way I wanted. That is probably the biggest disadvantage to living so far... I was not able to visit her and she was not in any condition to make a trip here.

Amayee was the strongest woman I'd ever known. She was barely educated, couldn't read, write or tell time. She grew up in a small village and that was really all she knew. She married her maternal uncle and had 6 children, one of whom died very young. Amayee lost her husband at a young age and was left with 5 little children that ranged in ages from 12 to one year old. Yet, she didn't fold. She stayed in her house and fought to raise those children, despite never being exposed to the outside world. There were nights when she went to bed hungry, but she had to keep going to make a life for her kids.

Eventually, they grew up and her son got married and had 4 children of his own. She had the indescribable grief of seeing her son pass away 13 years after his marriage. Seeing her daughter-in-law widowed just as Amayee had been all those years ago killed her. So, she tried to be a source of strength to them for as long as she could.

Over the past few years, Amayee had become ill and was not able to take care of herself anymore. That is a type of torture that no one should have to undergo. Through everything, she was always concerned about everyone else's well being and always showered us with her blessings.

I will always treasure the sweet moments we had together, although they were few and far between. Amayee continues to live on in our hearts and is dearly missed...

I hope to resume blogging soon, as I find it to be so therapeutic. Miss you all and thanks so much for the kind messages and emails.