Monday, February 11, 2008

Green Chicken

I'm not sure if any of you remember the Muppets, and specifically, Kermit the Frog. Somehow, thinking of this green chicken reminds me of Kermit singing his famous song, "It's not easy being green." (Click here for more info abt that and sources for the song.)

Anyway, back to green chicken. I'm not sure how the chicken feels about being green, but it's certainly very easy to eat lots and lots of this green chicken! So much so that Amma will eat this.

We always tease my mother that she has a "chicken allergy" because 90% of the time, she will out right refuse to eat any chicken preparation. However, she loves this one every time I make it! To me, that's a huge compliment!

Overall, this is a very simple recipe that just involves grinding, marinating, and cooking. A great and light side dish with any biryani, pulav, chappathi, roti, etc.

And now to the recipe:


Chicken - 2 lbs, cut into pieces
Onions - 2, sliced finely
Lime juice - juice of 1/2 of a lime
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
Garam masala - 1/2 tsp (OPTIONAL)
Salt to taste

For grinding to paste:

Mint leaves - 1 cup
Coriander leaves - 1 cup
Green chillies - 15, or to taste
Garlic - 8 cloves
Ginger - 1 1/2 inch piece
Cumin seeds or powder - 1 tsp


1. Marinate the chicken with the ground paste, turmeric powder, and salt for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

2. Heat oil in a pan. Saute the sliced onions until translucent.

3. Now, add the chicken with the marinade. Saute for 2-3 minutes.

4. Then, close the lid and lower the heat to low and allow the chicken to cook until it's done (about 20 minutes or so). Add water during the cooking process only if necessary.

5. Open the lid and see how much liquid is left. If there is still a lot of liquid in the pan, increase the heat and allow the gravy to concentrate.

6. Turn the heat off, add lime juice and garam masala (if using). Adjust salt if necessary. Serve with any pulav, rotis, etc.

Note: This dish doesn't go very well with white rice


vimmi said...

Oh its been agaes since i made this. should try it soon. looks great.

Happy cook said...

The name reminds me of the time when i got married. I didnt know cooking at all and i used to make a green chicken whic i got the recipe from a book ( not this one) almost every week. I think i made it for a year and after that I have now made them any more. And that was 17 years back

Asha said...

I used to watch Fraggle rocks in India!!:D

Green chicken sounds good to me!:)

Kalai said...

Thanks, Vimmi! I'd love to see your version, too. :)

Happy Cook, I hope those were good memories to bring back. Did your husband get tired of eating so much green chicken? :)

Ashakka, I used to watch Fraggle Rock too! Thanks for the sweet words. :)

Seema said...

Nice receipe Kalai.. Chicken looks good, will go well with nice hot & fluffy parathas!

Kalai said...

Seema, that sounds great to me! You can send me parathas anytime. :)

Seena said...

Hi Kalai,
Nice to see a Tamil blogger with nons..:)(mostly I see Tamil vegetarians among bloggers..!)
Love your recipes, esp, love to try out various chicken dishes..
See u again..:)

Kalai said...

Thanks so much, Seena. You're making me blush! I know what you mean, though. I think I'd go nuts without my non-veg! *laugh* Look forward to seeing you back again! :)