Monday, February 4, 2008

Palak Paneer

I am sitting here shocked and a bit amused. Why, you ask? Well, after all of these years I have managed to resolve issues with my arch enemy: palak paneer! Yes, I'm sure there are many die hard fans of this dish, but I have never been able to handle it. I guess that's because it was always slimy any time I saw it being served. On top of which, it was a standard dish at any Indian function, so I was forever tormented by that slimy pile of green goop!

So, what did it take to convert me? Well, I was looking at Sailu's site one day and there was a photo of palak paneer that actually looked somewhat appetizing?! I decided at that point to try out her recipe and it was fantastic!

I did make some minor changes, such as using curd instead of cream, but it was her recipe that converted me. Thanks so, so much to Sailu for converting me to liking palak paneer! I even ate the leftovers! :) I'm not actually going to write a recipe here since I basically followed hers. Do try it out. You'll be very pleased!


vimmi said...

i also never made palak panner at home but then my frind showed me a recipe which turns out great. will post it some time. will goto sailu's blog to see her recipe too

Kalai said...

Vimmi, looking forward to seeing your recipe, too! :)

shriya said...

Kalai You have a very nice blog and as the blog name in tamil I am really Impressed . I Love palak paneer. And I tried palak paneer koftas once and it was a super duber hit in the party.

Pooja said...

palak paneer, our all time favorite main course.
thanks for sharing Kalai.

KayKat said...

Yay! Another vote for the greens :)

Kalai said...

Shriya: Thanks so much for the kind words. You're making me blush! Koftas sounds great. Would love the recipe.

Pooja: Anytime, Pooja! It turned out well.

KayKat: Greens rock, girl! :)