Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Asian Chicken Soup

So, I was rummaging through the fridge one day and really had nothing on hand to eat for lunch. To top it off, I was already hungry and was thinking of something quick cooking that I could make. Suddenly, I remembered this soup I used to make quite a bit when it's cold. I had ingredients that would work, so I figured, why not? It was excellent!!

This soup is basically an Asian inspired spin on chicken noodle soup. I combined boneless chicken with carrots, celery, bell peppers, and rice noodles. You could really use any veggies you want, including snap peas, mushrooms, cabbage, bok choy, bean sprouts, etc. You could also use tofu instead of chicken, and make this a vegetarian soup. It's warm, spicy, and comforting. If you're sick (as I was on said day), it really hits the spot!!

I'm giving the recipe for the mix of stuff I used, but you're only limited by your imagination! Of note, this soup is very light on the chicken and heavier on the veggies, but that's personal preference.

(This recipe serves 3-4)


Boneless chicken tenders - 1 piece, chopped
Onion - 1 medium, chopped
Carrots - 1 large, coarsely chopped
Celery - 2 stalks, coarsely chopped
Bell peppers (any color) - 2 medium, coarsely chopped
Rice noodles - 1/2 cup
Chicken stock - 4 cups, plus more, if needed
Soy sauce - to taste
Salt - to taste, optional
Green chillies - 5-6, or to taste
Garlic - 5 cloves, chopped finely
Ginger - 2 inch piece, chopped finely

For garnishing:

Coriander leaves - a handful, chopped
Scallions/green onions - 2, sliced
Lime wedges to squeeze on soup
Chili garlic sauce - optional
Green chillies soaked in vinegar - optional


1. Heat oil in a soup pot. When hot, add the onions, green chillies and saute until the onions soften.

2. Then, add the vegetables (carrots, celery, and bell pepper), garlic, and ginger and cook for 2-3 minutes.

3. Add chicken stock, soy sauce, and a little salt, if desired. Allow to simmer until the vegetables are mostly cooked.

4. Now, add the chicken and the noodles. Simmer until everything has gotten cooked. Check for seasoning. If the soup has gotten too thick while cooking, add a little more chicken stock or water.

Pour into soup bowls and garnish with coriander leaves, scallions, lime wedges. If you want more of a kick, use some sriracha sauce, chili-garlic sauce, or chillies soaked in vinegar. The flavor punch is really amazing!!

my lunch!

This is really a complete meal in and of itself, but feel free to eat it with spring rolls, dumplings, wontons, or anything else your heart desires! Enjoy! :)


Asha said...

Ooh, that is one substantial soup. Looks good Kalai!:)

indosungod said...

Oh Yes! I want some of that. Looks like a great lunch with or without the Spring Rolls ;)

Cham said...

Wow the soup is so conforting, tempting dear :) I love soup anytime of the day.

Dhivya said...

looks tempting kalai:))love these soup at anytime

Kalai said...

Thanks, Ashakka! :)

I totally agree, Indo! :)

This one is really awesome, Cham! :)

Thank you, Dhivya! :)

Sagari said...

soup looks delecioussss


Thanx for dropping by blog! you have a cool blog!

Lavi said...

Kalai..looks great..your images are all great now-a-days..keep going.

Happy cook said...

Delicious and filling soup

Laavanya said...

That soup looks great Kalai.. can't wait to try with Tofu.

Kalai said...

Thanks, Sagari! :)

Raks, thank you for dropping by and for the kind words! :)

Lavi, thanks so much, ma! :)

Happy cook, perfect description! :)

Laavanya, definitely try it with tofu. It'll be awesome! :)