Friday, March 14, 2008

Curried Chicken Burgers and Spiced Oven Fries

As I mentioned in my last post, I received my surprise ingredient from Cham, of Spice Club. She sent me her homemade curry powder which smells out of this world!!

Ok, so you might be wondering what I made with Cham's curry powder. Well, my twisted brain was at work again and I came up with this idea to use it in a burger... My initial thought was to use ground lamb, but I didn't have any on hand and just couldn't get to the store. So, I thought it would still work with ground chicken. Boy, did it ever work!! Paired with oven fries, also using the same curry powder, this made one spectacular meal!

Cham, you are such a dear to send me your curry powder. I am so glad to have received it and to have used it to make such a delicious burger! I do have a more "normal" use also in store for it, but will post that later.

Curried Chicken Burgers:


Ground chicken - 1lb
Onion - 1 medium, chopped
Garlic - 5 cloves, grated
Green chillies - 10, or to taste, chopped
Coriander leaves - 3 tbsp, chopped
Cham's curry powder - 1 tbsp
Pepper jack cheese - 8 small slices (1 slice per burger)
Salt to taste
Small buns - 8 (figure 1-2 per person, depending on appetite)


1. Mix all ingredients together and let soak for about 1/2 hr.

2. Form into small patties (I was able to make 8 small patties) and place into skillet on medium heat. Cook on both sides until browned and cooked through.

3. Place cheese on top of the burgers, cover loosely with foil, and allow to melt while keeping the pan on low heat.

4. Toast buns.

Place burgers and desired toppings (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, etc.) on buns and enjoy hot! You can use any desired dressing or sauce on these as well (ketchup, chutney, etc.) We used a green olive spread (crushed green olives, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and crushed red pepper) as our dressing, but ketchup or chutney would be equally delicious!

If you have leftovers, don't worry... They taste even better! I just had the last of them for lunch and it was awesome!! :)

Spiced Oven Fries:


Potato (russet) - 1 medium, chopped into sticks
Sweet potato - 1 medium, chopped into sticks
Cham's curry powder - 1 tbsp, or to taste
Salt - to taste
Olive oil


1. Preheat oven to 425 F.

2. Toss potatoes and sweet potatoes lightly in oil and spread on lightly greased cookie sheet or sheet pan.

3. Bake at 425 F for 25-30 minutes. Lower the heat to 400 F and cook for another 15-20 minutes.

4. Once cooked, remove from oven, toss with salt and curry powder. Serve with burgers and enjoy!

I will be passing on the love to Revathi of En Ulagam, and Mansi of Fun and Food. Get your creative juices flowing, ladies! Am looking forward to seeing your dishes!


Laavanya said...

The spiced oven fries look awesome.. too many tempting fries today in the blog world... :)

Cham said...

OMG, even u branded the powder "Cham", Gal i know u re going to rock again with this powder, I really tried the curry powder on the frozen french fries, i love it 2 :) the indian version burger , u gave a wonderful touch. Well done job Kalai and happy that u liked it 2 :)

Saswati said...

that's gr8 cham...curry pwdr in burgers and fries...too innovative!

Homecooked said...

Wow the burger and fries look so delicious!! Great job.Very innovative to incorporate the powder on the fries too.

indosungod said...

Chicken burgers do look awesome, Cham curry powder worked like a charm on everything they touched I bet .

Dhivya said...

wow!yummy burger and fries kalai..great way u've used arusuvai ingredient:))

Lavi said...

Great idea kalai..your twisted brain always take you in right path...

i love those fries...ymmmmmmmmm

sra said...

that second photo looks really good, Kalai!

Rachel said...

Wow that is one hearty meal...great use of the ingredient....nice pictures too..was the powder sprinkled on the right hand side of the plate the mystery powder that you received?

Seena said...

It is surely a charming dish, with cham's curry powder.. :)

Kalai said...

Thanks, Laavanya!

Cham, you deserve the credit, dear! Thanks again for the yummy podi! :)

Saswati, thank you! :)

Thanks, Homecooked! :)

You got that right, Indo! It's magic podi! :)

Kalai said...

Thank you, Dhivya! :)

I'm glad you think so, Lavi! :)

Sra, thank you! My husband didn't seem to agree, but I appreciate your sweet words! :)

Exactly right, Rachel! Very perceptive of you! :)

Seena, thank you, dear! :)

Sagari said...

nice pics kalai and fries yummmmmmmm

Uma said...

wow, that's a great way to use the secret ingredient, Kalai! the fries are mouth-watering.

Seema said...

Wow!! Yummy burger & frys!! Curried burger -Desi style looks yum & delicious.

Sig said...

Curried burger, the name itself sounds so delicious... Wonderful recipe Kalai! Loved the spiced french fries too!

Kalai said...

Thanks, Sagari! :)

Uma, fries you can actually feel less guilty about! :)

Seema, thank you! :)

Sig, thanks a lot, girl! :)